My first day driving my car in Lagos, Nigeria, where lanes are suggestions, traffic lights are invisible, u-turns into oncoming traffic should always cut across as many lanes as possible, and 4-way intersections resemble sumo wrestlers fighting over the beer tab. And yet, the system somehow continues to grind along, with three lanes of traffic gingerly merging into one and then fanning out again, street vendors plying their wares between the lanes, and traffic cops standing in the middle of the maelstrom and thwacking their batons on car hoods seemingly at random. Not so much order within the chaos as chaos with a vague sense of direction… Anyone who wants to try to understand cities like this should be required to drive here first.


5 thoughts on “10/15/05

  1. Hooray, you got your car! Now you are a fully independent resident of Lagos. It’s good to hear from you again. We were hoping you hadn’t died from your intestinal troubles.


  2. Ten minutes after I started driving, a cement truck decided it wanted my spot in traffic and didn’t want to wait around for me to actually leave it.

    This is going to be an adventure.


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